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Where the Law, Critical Thinking and Ideas Come Together

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What We Do

Creative Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

A Lawyer can have all the knowledge of the law and lots of experience, but without creative problem solving and in depth critical thinking, all you have is a law school graduate who passed the bar. 


Estate & Probate Litigation

Disputes between siblings, heirs and beneficiaries. Will Contest over the validity of a Will and related issues. Trust Disputes.



Limited Liability Company formation and governance. Transactions and Mergers, small and large Consulting.


Real Estate

Well versed in all facets of Real Estate and Property Law. Commercial and Residential Transactions, Redevelopment for Towns and Cities, Zoning, Easements, and unique issues.



Employer screwing you? Overtime pay, vacation pay, non payment and medical leave are just a few of  the things we can help with. There are laws to protect employees and employers breaking them is common. 



G. Douglas Abrams

I have been practicing for 28 years and I consider it an honor to have this position in society.  I believe to whom much is given much is expected. You should expect the best out of your lawyer. 

Over time I have practiced in many areas of law and honed my skills in relationships and how things get accomplished.  Every case is different; every case is personal. That is how I look at each client.....large or small. 

I have two boys, Will a sophomore at Purdue and Maximus a senior in high school. Today, I live and involve myself in the Fishers community. 

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